I’ve lost count of the times that people have asked me to share my stories and photos.  Some have said that I should write a book or articles for a magazine.  My answer has always been that the trips I’ve done are not anything special because there is always someone else who’s life and the things they’ve done are more interesting and spectacular than mine.   But I’ve realized over the past few years that this is not true.  It’s the people, the wild places, and my willingness to be touched by every encounter that makes my experiences worth the telling.
This Blog journey begins with Twenty One Days At Sea and is evolving into sharing some of my most treasured memories.  Those that are of a single encounter at home, nearby, or within another journey.  You will find these under the categories of Memorable Moments and Snippets in time, along with a few other categories or tags.  I hope you enjoy your visits here.

Feel free to contact me at any time. I’d love to hear from you.

**Farm work weather 2015 is definitely here to stay.  Finally!  The work here at Sugar Plum Farm is a bundle of jobs a day.   I’m finding it difficult to post as often as during the cooler months of the year.  The once a week plan has failed, obviously.  I haven’t even visited since things picked up.  The new plan is to skip posting and return in the fall.  Thank you all for your patience. 

  1. I hope I could build a kayak or sailboat someday.


  2. You can. I’ll e-mail you about it.


  3. Judy, What a great idea, especially since we all seem to be living your adventures vicariously ! You will have to include some of your past solo adventures we have only heard bits and pieces of! I’ll ‘bookmark” you and will look forward to more adventures! And don’t forget to include some educational observations and pics you gather on the flora and fauna you see on these trips! X Karen


    • One trip at a time, Karen. Snippets from other shorter stories may rise in another category but first things first. People have been asking for this trip and it’s going to be a lot of work to tackle it. Enjoy vicarious living!


  4. Judy, Your adventures shared are like my journeys not taken in my earlier years when I COULD have taken them….hummmm, is that a correct sentence? Oh well..you get the jest of my thoughts! Keep it up, dear Jude…love the vicarious adventures as I sit here in my warm, sheltered home!


  5. You’re most welcome Karen. Thanks for reading.

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  6. Martha Sappington

    Jude, As you say first things first. You continue to show your amazing observation of God’s details. I just love it. In the future I would love to hear about your winter camping. It is an adventure I would never do for a number of reasons, but the opportunities to see and experience rare events is a curiosity for me. Some day, I hope.

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    • Happy to do so. That was a fantastic trip over in the Sandwich Range. First, I need to finish up the Abbie B trip which will be much easier to do via posting once a week.
      p.s. heading to Boston for early M.B. pick-up.


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