Cirrus spectacularus

My, My, My!!!  I was treated to one of the most spectacular displays of Cirrus clouds in my life.  Let me correct that.  The first display of this kind that I noticed.

I’ve been observing and photographing clouds over the past few years, especially the last two. Today was amazing!

I’m not an expert on clouds, except to say that Cirrus clouds occur at 20,000 plus feet.
This article is an excellent in-depth educational read.
and this article for photos with subclassifications.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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  1. Yvonne Jenkins

    It almost looks like Northern Lights in daylight. The sky is a giant canvas just waiting to be painted. Thank you for sharing. Y.


  2. Thanks for posting! Sorry we missed the show while away but your photo slide show was excellent. Thanks, Judy..keep it up!


    • Karen, I wish I’d had a large format camera because this display filled the sky from above and all four corners of space. The photos are only a sample of what was up there.


  3. You can name the types of clouds you fly through, under, in the book.

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