A Wish Granted

The crunch of Abbie B on the low tidal rocks of Surprise Beach is why I put Kevlar over the hull.   One might call this, “Maine Tough-Weave.”

Dan offered three choices for finishing out Abbie B, Fiberglass, Carbon-Fiber or Kevlar.   I already knew quite a bit about Fiberglass.   What I found interesting is that Carbon Fiber is very brittle and will crack, splinter, or shatter with age or serious impact.  Kevlar!

I’m still tired from my pre-vacation craziness and find myself content to be on Jewell Island.   I can rest here.   In this place, where history is filled with the ghosts of men and women layered through time.   Each one having its own distinctiveness, both diverse and unique.   Now, I’m here.

Abbie B is floating on the incoming tide, (10.2 ft tonight) while I busy myself with a cursory exploration of the camping areas.  There are two places, Beach and Punchbowl.   The Punchbowl is choice in excellent weather as it is situated on a rocky, bluff-like, protrusion.   It is tucked down a bit but the wind is flowing through the tenting area at about 8 mph.   I’ll take the more protected but view-less site.

Oops, Sorry Abbie.   I’m coming!   Now, the crunching sound is under my feet.  Hate to lose ya gal!  I hasten my pace.  Up ya go, gal.   Her hull gives off a swishing sound, like that of fine sandpaper on light wood.  Better.

The late afternoon light dims into early evening, according to circadian rhythmic time.  A beat a love.  Even in “civilization,” my body follows it’s tune.

I hit the internet awhile back looking for a clearly defined circadian explanation.  Guess what? There are a lot of sites offering a test questionnaire to see if a person “is at odds with your routine” and the like.  Others, talk about its severity and label it as a “disorder.”  A certain demonstration of how the voracity of social greed or gluttony is dictating beliefs as to what is nature and what is sickness.  Silly us!

I guess I am loosening up.  Great to be feeling better.  Brrr, the wind is serving cool air.  I better change.  But first, picture time!  Here’s my evening pleasure before settling in for a night of restful sleep.



About Just Jude

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan but have always felt the urge to wander and began doing so as a teenager. Since that time, I've hiked, biked and paddled in every season; not for sport, but for the journey.

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