A Winning Thread

Racine, Wisconsin.  My neighbor’s daughter was attending college in Minnesota.  She became ill and eventually tragically sick.  Her diagnosis was cancer, Hodgkins ( stage 3 if my memory is correct).  I watched a mother-daughter bond grow beyond “family.”   I saw basic human connectivity morph into metaphysical spaces that defy explanation.

In the end, cancer lost and mother-daughter won.  I believe they did because they looked to the inner life of the other and saw the same thread, an exact match.  This thread is love.  A love that is seldom seen in human interaction.  It has no boundaries and undermines the very essence of dimension.  It is more than “the two are one.” They just are.

I wrote the following a year or so later as a gift for them.  It was my best attempt, feeble as it may be, to express what I saw.  [The title no longer fits but it is the original.]

The Gap

Towering Pillars,
all flashes and rumblings.

A Deepening Silence,
in thick shiny hoar frost.

The Joyful Laughter
of bubbling waters.

Two candles, brightly lit.
Warm, gentle spirits.


and so, We are.


About Just Jude

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan but have always felt the urge to wander and began doing so as a teenager. Since that time, I've hiked, biked and paddled in every season; not for sport, but for the journey.

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  1. Judy, How lucky you are to have witnessed such a thing – Thanks for sharing it here for us!


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