The Cleansing

I was glad to relax into a comfortable sleep after dining within my humble home with the ambiance of light rain and the usual boring cuisine. (Grape Nuts Cereal, Powdered Milk, Strawberry Protein Powder, and Peanut Butter).  My alarm went off at 9 pm for the usual keep me sane medications.  At least, I hope they do each time I take them.  They have done the job quite well for a couple of years and that in itself is a great blessing.

I have Bi-Polar disorder and have a mild form of autism called, Aspergers along with a few other autistic features.  The medications are for the Bi-Polar but it isn’t a cure-all.  I do have to adapt and live with it just like anyone else with a disorder or a disease.  Medications help and the rest is learn and adapt or suffer.  The autism, I do the best I can which is pretty good most of the time. The other times may cause those who are not acquainted with the odd behaviors flee the scene (LOL), accept the situation, or look elsewhere as if the space I occupy doesn’t exist.  I find the reactions of others both interesting and entertaining, depending on the who, where, and extent of reaction or lack thereof.  My personal quote to my therapist is, “Cats are weird and people are worse than cats.”  A funny observation from someone who has a BA in Sociology.

The most important aspect of dealing with the medication part is to take them as directed, amount and times.  I don’t get people with mental illness who stop taking their meds. because the “feel better.”  Duh, if taking meds = feeling better than it’s a good idea to continue the use of the formula.  Like I said, “People are worse than cats.”

I brought a digital recorder with me and have a good collection of sounds from this trip.  Play this one while reading the rest of this post.  [Photo attribute found here]

It is nice to be tired enough to be able to fall asleep early enough to set an alarm to for the med. ritual and then sink back into a state of peaceful sleep.  The light rain drops a bit heavier at times which rouses me.  I drink more water as dehydration is still in effect before indulging myself into some absolute pleasure.  I remove the clothing that I’m wearing and exit the tent naked with my sliver of soap and some shampoo to take a shower.  The freshwater saturates my hair as it runs down my body.  I stand still for a lengthy time before applying cleansing agents.  The removing of sweat and crusty sea salt is pure joy after five days without the privilege of freshwater clean up.  My personal supply of fresh water is for drinking.  Every drop is accounted for and calculated according to need in all circumstances.  But rainwater, is a free – for – all grab as much as I want and be selfish about it! Oh yeah, baby, bring it on!

Once I feel clean enough, I kneel down just outside the tent door and grab the bag with all other garments and empty the contents.  It takes several trips but the task of laying my clothing on benches and grass for a thorough drenching as well.  I’ll let them sit as they are through the night and turn them from time to time during the morning drizzle.  For now, it’s back into the tent to dry off and take advantage of more water and the bliss of sleeping through the rest of the night.

See ya in the morning!


About Just Jude

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan but have always felt the urge to wander and began doing so as a teenager. Since that time, I've hiked, biked and paddled in every season; not for sport, but for the journey.

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