Humor On The Sea

I’ve had a busy day today after a long trip to Boston and back yesterday.  Lots to do and tired as well from the trip.  I did a little reading about Casco Bay while icing a knee injury.  I found myself laughing out loud.

The book is now listed on my Recommended Books Page, “The Pine-tree Coast” by Samuel Adams Drake.  Published in 1891.  It’s a book about the coast of Maine as observed from the sea.  The following is a story told from an event on a large vessel in Casco Bay.

The open sea! Ah, that is something to which a first introduction may prove no such agreeable experience, after all! It was even so today, judging by the sudden disappearance of the greater part of the passengers from the decks, the wholly unconventional attitudes of the few who dismally hugged the benches in sight, as well as other and even more unmistakable signs of physical prostration that the boat now presented. As I was making a zig-zag course along the lower deck, from one object of support to another, a sudden lurch threw me into the arms of the mate, who was coming from the opposite direction. “Most alluz find an old sea runnin’ found the “Cape,” he said, then adding, “Most alluz makes more or less folks on well, the motion doos. We had two gents aboard of us last trip. One of ‘em was a lawyer. My grief, wasn’t he done up, though!  T’other wasn’t a bit. There he sot, smoking as calm as a kitten. He was a high-up judge goin’ down to hold court. “Can I do anything for you” says he. “Yes, gasped the seasick one; ‘I wish your honor would overrule this motion.’ ”

You may not find this funny but I paddled the area where this occurred and it is a bit wild on its own.  Add some wind and weather, there be some trouble.

Enjoy your evening and I’ll be back to Twenty Twenty Days At Sea and other Posts tomorrow.

Be willing to let go.  Stay in the moment.  Live in peace.

A Little Rough

A Little Rough

Author a Passenger on Vessel

Author a Passenger on Vessel


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  1. I love sailing ships! Sailing ships and frigates are extremely beautiful vessels (and are very Mother Earth Friendly)! 🙂

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