A little Verse

Raindrops on leaves gently fall on me.
A woodland path beneath my feet.



About Just Jude

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan but have always felt the urge to wander and began doing so as a teenager. Since that time, I've hiked, biked and paddled in every season; not for sport, but for the journey.

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  1. Beautiful words and image, Jude.

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  2. Jude, This is so inviting; such a pretty path and verse. I also like the fungi growing on the tree. 🙂

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    • Thanks much. A few moments later a disaster happened on this path/trail. I looked up for a moment while hiking, slipped on a tree root, strained and sprained almost every muscle in my forearm to prevent my ulna and radius from trading places. That arm quit functioning immediately. It took me 4 days to hike out. Definitely, a memorable moment. Great trail too.


      • I bet that was scary, not to mention painful. Glad you’re ok. I know that while I was admiring the look of your trail, I was thinking how careful one would have to be with so many roots just waiting to catch the tip of a boot. Happens to me all the time.

        Happy Earth Day, Jude! 🌿

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      • Wet roots are about slipping and sliding. Although, I’ve tripped on many a root when dry. Named some dance steps from a trippin’ The Thunk whomp whomp whomp and Trip skip waltz …. Fun times
        Not scary. Been doing this for years and just do what needs to be done. That’s all.
        Be safe and have fun!

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