Photo Tour of The Spring Point Formation. South Porland, Maine

I’m studying Casco Bay’s geological history. Willard Beach is my latest exploration.

Willard beach, South Portland reveals two types of bedrock and the forces that created them.  I sit, observe and listen.  The spine like protrusions and scattered eroded pieces reveal much without a single sound or the slightest of movement.

Enjoy the slideshow created from photos I snapped at Willard Beach toward Fort Preble. Clear your mind and connect with what you see. The images are more than just a bunch of rock.  There are stories within stories throughout all time.  I’m glad to be a part of the history of this space.


About Just Jude

I grew up on a small farm in Michigan but have always felt the urge to wander and began doing so as a teenager. Since that time, I've hiked, biked and paddled in every season; not for sport, but for the journey.

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  1. Nice shots, Jude! Makes me want to out out fossil hunting again soon! 🙂

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    • Thanks. I probably have 50-60 more photos from other formations within Casco Bay. Take awhile to sort through. Reading the geological documents is a bit dry and somewhat confusing at times.
      Happy Fossil hunting. Love to see what you find.


  2. Enjoyed your photos, Jude! Really nice rock formations always get my attention. I keep a basket of rocks on my desk; each a reminder of a special place visited. One of my best treasures is a slab of green slate (6 1/2 x 4 1/2 inches) I found along the Sandy River eighteen years ago; it never leaves my desk.

    Am looking forward to more of your geological finds of Casco Bay! Cheers! 😊

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  3. I won’t go fossil hunting very soon… my wife is having shoulder surgery in a few days. I may not even be doing any blogging then, for a while.

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