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The choices we make reflect our perception of change, rather than its substance.

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AVRRDD Hazardous Waste

Next Collection Day: Saturday, June 6, 2015 8am – 1pmat the AVRRDD Transfer Station on Rte.110, Berlin, NH

For AVRRDD member communities & residents of Shelburne, NH.

Proof of residency required: Driver’s license or tax bill


We have spent years using chemicals, including their containers for decades to improve our way of life i.e. production of products and food, time saving disposable living, convient travel methods and so on.  The outcome is working its way to the level of catastrophic.

We had no idea of the caustic outcome of the impact during the first decade or so.  We do now.  I urge you to take personal responsibility to do what you can to improve our living conditions, especially in view of future generations.

Waiting for government and big business to do their part is not a solution.  We all know why.  You may feel that your personal contribution will be of null effect.  This is not true.  You are the guest of honor, setting an expample for those around you.  You will impact your small slice of the world inspiring others to do the same.  Picture the grand improvement if each person in the world put in the time and effort to care for three cubic feet within their space for living.  Seven Billion people can save the planet, the atmosphere, and the universe within which we all live.

How Bright is Daytime on Pluto?

I love this blog and today’s post is fantastic.

Lights in the Dark

Concept of Pluto's surface. © Ron Miller, used with permission.Concept of Pluto’s surface. © Ron Miller, used with permission.

We all know that Pluto is very far from the Sun, on average about 40 times as far away from it as Earth is, and as such it is very cold and dark. But just how dark is it on Pluto? If you were an astronaut walking around on Pluto would the Sun really just look like another bright point in an already star-filled sky, or would you actually be able to see the Plutonian landscape around you during the day (like in the illustration above by Ron Miller?)

Actually it’s brighter than you might think, even three and a half billion miles from the Sun. And with the New Horizons spacecraft closing in on the first-ever pass by Pluto in July, NASA has a way for you to get an idea of the type of lighting you would experience on the surface…

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Inner Light









Time is more than a measurement.

It cannot be captured,

nor pressed into a mold.

It does open dimensions for the exploration

of self through the supernatural.