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The choices we make reflect our perception of change, rather than its substance.

I am changing my habit of posting several times a week down to once per week.  My “About” home page has been edited to reflect why this is.  Click to find out.


How Bright is Daytime on Pluto?

I love this blog and today’s post is fantastic.

Lights in the Dark

Concept of Pluto's surface. © Ron Miller, used with permission.Concept of Pluto’s surface. © Ron Miller, used with permission.

We all know that Pluto is very far from the Sun, on average about 40 times as far away from it as Earth is, and as such it is very cold and dark. But just how dark is it on Pluto? If you were an astronaut walking around on Pluto would the Sun really just look like another bright point in an already star-filled sky, or would you actually be able to see the Plutonian landscape around you during the day (like in the illustration above by Ron Miller?)

Actually it’s brighter than you might think, even three and a half billion miles from the Sun. And with the New Horizons spacecraft closing in on the first-ever pass by Pluto in July, NASA has a way for you to get an idea of the type of lighting you would experience on the surface…

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Uh, Oh.

First off, I wish to thank those of you who have chosen follow my blog.  It’s a lot of fun and I enjoy reading the blogs of others as well.  I have an Uh, Oh! to deal with.  I would appreciate some patience as far as my reciprocating new followers by checking you out.  I will also be unable to post as I should be and checking up on posts by bloggers I currently follow.

The Uh, Oh…. is the woman who I live on property and help out has a severe injury to her leg.  I picked her up from airport today and my assistance is needed for daily needs.  We are heading off to Doc appts starting tomorrow.

Thanks so much.  You are wonderful people!

Our Lives


Our lives are a statement.  Each moment a story.
And with the passage of time,  We give of ourselves.
Others become dear to our hearts and we to them.

Lives of Girls Who Became Famous by Sarah R. Bolton

I am creating a page for a very old book (1886) and will write excepts from it from time to time being that there are very few copies of this book floating around.

Nothing written in it today but will have something by the end of the week.

A few Busy Days

I appreciate each person who is reading my blog.  I had a busy day and couldn’t finish my next post.  I’m hoping to tomorrow.  But, please know that I have to drive to Boston/Logan Airport tomorrow and Wednesday; meaning that there will be an interruption in writing.  I promise to be back on Friday for posting in a timely manner.

Some of you may wonder why it takes me so long to post.  It’s because I’m trying to write well and bring readers into my stories.  The vicarious journey’s asked for by many of you.

Some people can write and be done.  I’m not one of them.  I’m autistic and part of this is that my brain only “sees” pictures.  I hear, see, think and dream in 3D color pictures. The challenge is in the translation which requires a lot of words and in the process syntax is backwards. I have to flip my sentences, change positions for adj. and adv. and then remove extraneous material.

I hope this helps you understand why I posting every day is not always possible. I do have to work and keep up with other obligations. However, I am having fun with this blog and will remain dedicated to it because of the requests for this blog and for every one else who is enjoying my current story and those to come.

Thanks so much from me to all of you! J

My first kayak which I still love.

My first kayak which I still love.

You May Want To Wait

Howdy, Everyone.

You may want to wait until tomorrow’s post which will feature launch day and first landing for an island night.  And, I apologize for not posting earlier in today.  These two posts were long and arduous.  The Richmond Pictures may be fun to look at but the actual post may not be so engaging.

It’s all about packing for the trip.  You may appreciate the work that went into it though.  I kept going over and over my lists as if I were packing again.  It’s so easy to forget something.

Have a peaceful night and see ya late afternoon tomorrow.  ~ just jude