Girls Who Became Famous

Girls Who Became Famous

I will be adding sub-pages to this one sharing excerpts from “The Lives of Girls Who Became Famous”  by Sarah R. Bolton published 1886 (Listed on the  Recommended Books Page.)
This book was published in 1886 and covers Women such as Harriet Beecher Stowe, Lucretia Mott, Rosa Bonheur, Lady Brassey and more.

It’s kind of difficult to obtain copyright permissions for a book like this.  I will be careful to only give excerpts or overview from my personal experience with the reading.  However, I do love the preface and will share the complete version.  I don’t think Sarah would mind as it is a mini-sermon. Her writing here provides a feel of the time period from which Sarah lived and the belief system within society as well.

I’m revising the notion of the above paragraph to say that I can share as much as I want verbatim, being this book is offered as a free eBook, along with a few others. (See bottom of page.)

All of us have aspirations.  We build aircastles, and are probably the happier for the building. (Aircastle definition is to imagine visionary projects or schemes; to daydream; to have an idle fancy, a pipe dream or any plan, desire, or idea that is unlikely to be realized, click for source and further info about this term.) However, the sooner we learn that life is not a play-day, but a thing of earnest activity, the better for us and for those associated with us.  “Energy,” says Goethe, “will do anything that can be done in this world”; and Jean Ingelow truly says, that “Work is heaven’s hest.”

If we cannot, like George Eliot, write “Adam Bede,” we can, like Elizabeth Fry, visit the poor and the prisoner.  If we cannot, like Rosa Bonheur, paint a “Horse Fair,” and receive ten thousand dollars, we can, like Mrs. Stowe and Miss Alcott, do some kind of work to lighten the burdens of parents.  If poor, with Mary Lyon’s persistency and noble purpose, we can accomplish almost anything.  If rich, like Baroness Burdett-Coutts, we can bless the world in thousands of ways, and are untrue to God and ourselves if we fail to do it.

One last thing I’d like to add to this page is the scope of Sarah’s writing.  Here is a list of “Famous” Books she has written and to which she is lauded for with comments such as for the book I’m sharing from Girls Who Became Famous, “Mothers and Daughters cannot fail to find it both an interesting and inspiring book,” – Chicaogo Inter-Ocean.  “Such books as this will elevate the minds of young girls, help them understand the real problems of life, an d leave a lasting impression on their minds and character,” Boston Herald.  “Sarah’s research lies in both keen observation and an understanding of the spirit.  She is a joy to read,”  Judy Owen.

Poor Boys who Became Famous, Famous Men of Science, Famous American Statesmen, Famous English Statesmen, Famous English Authors of the 19th Century, Famous American Authors, Famous European Artists, Famous Types of Womanhood, Famous Voyagers and Explorers, Famous leaders Among Men, Famous Leaders Among Women, Famous Givers and Their Gifts.

Please Click Here for More Info and Links.

I found a website that offers free e-book to be read on-line, download, and for kindle including this one. The site is safe with no sign-up etc. If you wish to read this one for yourself, Click for Girls Who Became Famous This site also offers four other books by Sarah K. Bolton.

Lives of Poor Boys Who Became Famous
Famous European Artists
Famous Men of Science
Famous American Statesmen

  1. Hi Jude. Have enjoyed looking through your blog. Thank you for the link to “Lives of Girls Who Became Famous.” I love to read these kind of stories. Best wishes, Jane.

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