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Winter Drizzle Combat

We’ve had a great run of weather, cold and dry.  Dylan (Corgi) has taken a liking to “ski-time.”   He was afraid of my cross-country skis the first couple of times around the farm.   But, no more.  “Ski” means, sprint! and that’s what Corgi’s do.  They are herding dogs – quick as lightning, can turn “on a dime,” and have very sharp teeth.  Believe me.  A nip at the ankle or hamstring of even large animals will send them the way a little Corgi says so.

Here’s Dylan during play.

Dylan in Action

He was in full sprint mode.   I almost missed him.

Anyway……   We had a great ski.  I’ve made Dylan his own trail, parallel to mine, for the fast sections.  He races me and wins!  Other times, I go ahead while he waits.  “Come-on Dylan!”  A happy boy, all smiles, tongue hangin’ out.  Boom!  He’s right behind me.

Today was a repeat of wind day.  The weather changed for the worst within minutes of ending our fun.  It started to mist, then frizzle (freezing drizzle) and then outright rain.  The ground is still very cold making the driveway more slick than when it is just ice.  Put my trekking crampons on a pair of my boots so I can safely traverse between my place and the main house.

I’m fighting the crappy feeling that comes with this weather, ruining my ski trails and all other outdoor fun.  — found one of my all-time favorite winter morning photos at Sugar Plum Farm.  Captured this view after a before light snowshoe out back.        [Name of Place I live which will be 209 years old in July.]

Sunrise Farm                A winter photo with snow and cold.  NOT RAIN, FRIZZLE, ICE, FUN KILLER.

More of Dylan and Dessie

A very wacky day filled with good stuff and a lot of other stuff, stuff, and more stuff.  Sooooooo, dug up this slideshow I made up last year after a blizzard, staring Dylan and Dessie.  The music seems a bit corny to me this year.  But, hey, it was last year’s inspiration.  Enjoy this short clip of happy dogs.  (Yes, Dessie is on a leash.  She’s a visitor and sadly seems to enjoy running up and down the road, including driveways.  We have 50 or so acres of fields and woods, Dogs!)  Enjoy.