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Preparing For The Sea

One thing I know from reading books and personal stories is that the sea can be an unforgiving place.   I also gained a sense of this during last year’s practice trip.  I can’t begin to emphasize how important preparing for the sea is.  I don’t think anyone can actually be prepared enough, not even those with vast experience.   I’m thankful for learning this lesson early on in my travels and am blessed to believe that I don’t know it all and never will.  Pride, complacency, fear and laziness are terrible enemies when it comes to preparing for a journey.

I learned from last year that I needed to study the nature of the ocean, navigation maps , navigation aids on or near the water, reading the weather from the sky, and adding more self-rescue skills and safety items for surviving disaster. I would be kidding myself to think that because I have a lot of skill and experience on water, “It will never happen to me” will never happen.  I am fortunate to be without the curse of disaster during any of my journeys so far.   I also know that the more I head out the greater the odds are for getting into trouble.

Many of my friends and acquaintances express their fears regarding my going out alone.  I’ve done all but one long trek alone.  I prefer to be alone and I will go out.  I’d rather die doing what I enjoy than leaving this world standing on the sidelines.

Where Do I Stand?

Laughter Surrounds me,
Like fireflies on a summer night.
Children’s faces,
All cheery and bright.

The Ocean laps at the sand,
As castles rise from little hands.
And, the children play happily,
While I stand beside the sea.

Laughter Surrounds me,
Like fireflies on a summer night.
The children playing,
In the warm sunlight.

A breeze tosses their hair.
They are free from life’s cares.
And I am filled with happiness
As I stand beside the sea.

The children play happily,
While I stand beside the sea….

              ~ Song for Dulcimer by Judy Owen 2001