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Birthday Video

I’m still working on the next portion of my sea kayaking trip.  Something will be published tomorrow.

I pulled out a template that I made a few years ago to make a birthday video for a friend.  I want to share it here because the words are meaningful and will touch you as well.  We are special!

I created the music in my recording studio, Sugar Plum Studio using Steinberg’s Cubase. Cyberlink is the video editing software that I use.

Enjoy and have a wonderful day.


More of Dylan and Dessie

A very wacky day filled with good stuff and a lot of other stuff, stuff, and more stuff.  Sooooooo, dug up this slideshow I made up last year after a blizzard, staring Dylan and Dessie.  The music seems a bit corny to me this year.  But, hey, it was last year’s inspiration.  Enjoy this short clip of happy dogs.  (Yes, Dessie is on a leash.  She’s a visitor and sadly seems to enjoy running up and down the road, including driveways.  We have 50 or so acres of fields and woods, Dogs!)  Enjoy.

Video of a Pair of Egrets

Today ended up pretty packed so I didn’t finish today’s 21 days at sea post.  Instead, I added music to a video I shot last year from Crow Island of Middle Bay, Maine. The quality is poor because it was made using a feature on my little camera.  I still like to watch and maybe you will too. Egrets are beautiful even in pixels.